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Casting VA – Award Winning Casting Company

Casting VA -  Award Winning Casting Company

Henry Jaderlund ( JADERLUND CASTING )  founded Casting VA in response to a growing need in our industry for a creative casting company in the Mid- Atlantic area that could service film, television, commercials and industrials. Since its inception, Casting VA has been a leading provider of principal actors, day players and both union and non-union background performers.

Below you will find some links that will help you become familiar with CASTING VA's phenomenal history !

Virginia Film Office:

Cannes Film Festival "OUTLIERS":

Dolley Madsion "American Experiance"

James Frano's Herbert White Berlin Film Festival

Berlin Film Festival Line up

Company to hold casting call in Suffolk for James Franco film

The Bill Collector - VIRGINIAN PIOLIT

"The Box" Warner Bros marks the feature-film debut for Langley Air Force Base and NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton

NASA Internal Memo: "The Box" Casting Call For NASA LaRC Employees

Casting VA has provided casting services to a wide array of projects helmed by directors such as James Franco, Muffie Myers, and many others. All of these directors and countless others continue to rely on Casting Va’s services to supply realistic, credible talent for their productions.

Jaderlund has worked in many independent feature films, in addition to major studio films including: “The Box” (Cameron Diaz), “The Bill Collector” , “Dolley Madsion”, “Herbert White” (James Franco), “Mandie and the Secret Tunnel” (Dean Jones), “A little Closer” ,“A Good Old Fashion” (J. Turtletaub), “Neighborhood Watch” , “The Curse of the Black Gold” , “Outliers” (CANNES), , and many other projects!

Jaderlund also works as a production consultant to independent filmmakers and donates his services to student filmmakers in the Virginia area.

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How to Become an Actor or Extra in Virginia

How to Become an Actor or Extra in Virginia

I want to do this! What’s This? ..

Individuals looking to gain film industry knowledge and acting experience should consider opportunities as a movie extra. Also called “background actors,” these individuals assist in re-creating authentic scenes by dining in restaurants, walking the city streets or even watching sporting events. Consider the blockbuster films that were created with Virginia and its surrounding rural areas as a backdrop: “The New World,” “MI3,” “Transformers,” “The Box,” “Evan Almighty” and “Dolley Madison.” Highly acclaimed movie directors and Producers, such as Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks, have shot movies in the VA area. Being a movie extra in Virginia can be an educational and exciting experience.